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Goal Setting at Zandri’s Martial Arts Creates Focused Kids Who Know The Secrets To Success

By Mike Brooks


My daughter, Hannah, loves video games. I have to say, I never caught the bug for them. My wife and my daughter really love them and are quite good at them.

Well, for the holidays this year we bought Hannah the Playstation 3. You would think she was given the Holy Grail. Would be nice if she got that excited about homework.


Now, I am not a proponent to sitting down in front of a tv and playing video games for hours. Obviously, as a martial arts instructor, I am a huge advocate of activity that will help people grow physically and mentally.


However, I also think, in moderation, video games actually teach problem solving skills. I am not talking about the violent games. But there are a lot of really interesting games out there that are quite appropriate.


Anyway, Hannah likes to finish these games. She starts it, works at it over the course of weeks, and eventually gets to the very end. After she finishes the game, she often comes back and plays the exact same game again.


Usually, her mom helps her get around certain areas that she can’t seem to get passed. But this time, she told us that she set a goal to finish it without any help.


I was really impressed. She set herself a goal and created a little plan to follow through with it. Now being that we just had our goal setting class, I was very excited to hear about the plan.


It may seem a little silly to get all excited over a 7 year old setting a goal to finish a video game. But goal setting is one of those skills that truly can change a person’s life. I have met many successful people: from massively successful business owners to Chuck Norris, to Gene Simmons to MMA world champions and more. The one overwhelmingly consistent activity that they ALL participate in is goal setting.


So, even if it is for just a video game, I love that my daughter has taken what she learns about goal setting seriously and puts it into practice. If you don’t teach your kids about this skill, I would highly recommend you start. And if you need help with it, let me know. As always, I am always happy to help.


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