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Getting Things Done

As you probably are well aware, the weather is not so great today.   As I write this at 11am, we have not made any decisions on classes for tonight.  Stay tuned to http://www.zkick.com for alerts later today.

This storm came at a strange time and did strange things.   It started snowing yesterday at 4pm.  It got really heavy around 8pm.  Last night the forecast said the heavy snow would stop at 10pm then turn into freezing rain until tonight.  So we were all faced with a challenge.

I could go have gone out and shoveled away the 4 inches of snow last night at 10pm or stayed in bed and wait until this morning.  But if I waited until this morning, I knew I would be faced with the possible reality that the then easy to shovel snow would turn into heavy and very wet slush.  Long story short, I stayed in bed.

It was not a lot of fun tossing 30 pound shovel fulls of slush off my very wide driveway.  I was soaked to the bone.  I found out that I really do not own any true waterproof gear.

So, looking back, what would have been a royal pain in the rear last night, would have been worlds easier than what I had to do today.  The reason I am telling you all this is because it is classic human nature to save what we do not want to do until we no longer can avoid it.

This is a valuable lesson.  I started thinking what else have I put at the bottom of my to-do list because it is difficult or makes me uncomfortable?  So then I got out my real to-do list and reviewed it.  Sure enough, I put some of the easier tasks ahead of some of the difficult ones.

Now this is not necessarily a bad thing.  If the easiest thing on your list also happens to be the one that will move you closest towards your goals, by all means, do it.  But reality is that the tasks that will move us towards our goals faster and more efficiently are those that we deem hard or bother us to do.  Like studying for a test in our least favorite subject.   But we know deep down they are the most efficient use of our time and will keep us from having to shovel the proverbial slush tomorrow.

I challenge you all to examine your to-do lists and see what tasks you can bring to the top that can reap the most rewards for you.  Now, I am off to shovel some more slush…


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