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Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus – What Kind of Role Model?

The other day I told you I was going to talk about the lesson I learned from our raffle at the party the other night. I was going to start work on it when I was distracted by the news.

Miley Vanity Fair Picture
The 15 year old star of Hannah Montana, Miley Ray Cyrus was featured in a controversial picture in the June issue of Vanity Fair Magazine.  But it is not what she is wearing or not wearing that is the issue.  It is what the photo suggests that has stirred up all of the controversy.

As a parent of a young girl and a martial arts instructor, I have to say I was bothered by it. My job as an instructor at Zandri’s Martial Arts is to not only teach kids martial arts and character development, but to be a strong role model for them.

The picture would not have bothered me if it were not the fact that this girl is a huge role model (whether she likes it or not) for millions of young and impressionable kids.  What exactly is she telling her fans with this picture?

I could go on and on about this, but Dr. Robyn, our resident child development specialist, has done the hard work for me. To read her insights into this, click here.


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