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How is your Compassion?

We are just about closing out May. Students have been learning about our PowerfulWord, compassion this month.

During the next two weeks, we will be focusing our discussions on these two topics:

1: Who is suffering and who needs help?
2: Expressing concern and taking steps to ease the pain of others

As you may already know, we are raising funds to adopt a village in South India. This is a perfect tie in with compassion month.

We have identified this dire need for help in a part of the world where people have to pull their drinking water from polluted source. And we have decided to take action to ease their pain by donating our efforts.

We will have more information coming about the water project. All it takes is $3,000 to provide clean water to an entire village. You can drop coins in the miniature water filter on the front desk. Or, for larger donations, you may leave cash or check with the front desk.

And for more great information on how to talk to your kids about compassion, go to Dr. Robyn’s blog now for her article Modeling Compassion for Children – 4 Easy Hands on Examples


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