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Father’s Day 2008

Dads workout with their childrenThis past Saturday, June 14th, at Zandri’s Martial Arts, each student brought a very special guest to their class with them: their Dad. Father’s Day class is a special time where kids get to show off their moves and actually work out with their Dads.

The Dads got a great taste of just how good their kids are at martial arts. The Dads showed off some moves of their own as well.

Some of the Dads who have multiple kids at Zandri’s found themselves in not just one, but two classes. None were worse for the wear however. Everyone had a great time. In fact, it was hard to tell just who had more fun.Dads partner together for a few drills they can do with their kids

Some of the Dads are already members in the adult program. Several took a free uniform home with them and plan to get started in the adult program this week. Martial arts is one of those few activities that can be shared by families of all ages. We like to say: “The family that kicks together, sticks together.”

Below is a short Youtube video of some of the class. Just click on the picture to start it or surf over to Youtube.

Click the Play button in the middle of the picture below to start the video


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