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100th episode of MTV’s Hit Show “Made” Features Martial Arts

My good friend John Corcoran who publishes several martial arts related magazines just passed this on to me and I want to share it with you.

On Saturday, June 17th, MTV aired an episode of its hit reality-TV show, “Made.” It was their prestigious 100th episode of the 9-season hit show and this time it presented a wannabe who sought to become a “karate kid”. Each episode of “Made” follows one willing candidate, a teenager, as they embark on a mission to transform their life through a chosen activity (sports, cheerleading, etc.).

The one-hour “Karate Kid” episode happens to be one of the best TV programs I’ve ever seen to date promoting the self-improvement, character development and life skills inherent to the martial arts.

The subject, Ryan Watkins, is a lazy, overweight, 18-year-old junkfood junkie and hardcore video gamer who seeks to change his life and chooses the martial arts as his pathway.

Chan Lee, a taekwondo master from Wisconsin who runs a chain of successful schools with his father, Grandmaster J.K. Lee, plays the Mr. Miyagi role. Only thing is, Chan Master Lee is an excellent mixture of old- and new-school instructor. Master Lee sets the 5-week goal of leading Ryan to pass his gold-belt test and then participating in his first tournament.

Plus, Ryan’s a natural slob. He lives in the cellar of his parent’s home and keeps it like a pigsty! Master Lee sure has his work cut out for him to transform this kid. You really need to see what happens.

MTV’s Karate Kid Episode of Made

On that page, the video will automatically kick in for Part 1 of the show (the one-hour show is broken into 6 segments to accommodate commercial breaks. At the bottom of the video box, running horizontal, there are icons for all 6 segments. When each segments ends, hit the next one in line until you watch the entire show.


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