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Students at Zandri’s To Learn About Determination

Happy July Everyone!!! As you probably know by now, each month Mr. Zandri records a short video announcing our Powerful Word of the month.

Well, this month, Dr. Robyn decided to do one for us. We are so excited that she has done this not just because she created the program, but she is also a dynamic and inspiring speaker.

But you fans of Mr. Zandri’s videos have no fear! We will have him still report on our word of the month as well as other goings ons. Keep your eyes peeled for that.

July’s Powerful Word is a good one: Determination. This really is one of the cornerstones to achieving really anything. The people who achieve the greatest levels of success in life are those determined to do so. They never give up.

The word of the month keeps our team at Zandri’s focused on our goal.  That is to teach the best martial arts in the Brookfield, Danbury, New Milford and other surrounding towns.  This is our mission, every day, and we are always determined to deliver.

But it isn’t just about karate, Tae Kwon Do, Kung Fu, Judo or any of that other flashy stuff you see in the movies. It isn’t just about kicking and punching. It is about building confidence, self esteem, discipline and exercising the most important muscle of all, your brain. That is why we are so proud to bring you this fantastic educational and personal development material as part of our world class character education system, Powerful Words.

As always, we are DETERMINED to continue to help you achieve your goals.


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