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Powerful Word of the Month and UFC Champ Matt Hughes

Determination is the word of the month for July. What a great word to be able to discuss for 30 days!!! I believe that mastery of this word, and ownership of its traits will reap nothing but the greatest success for anyone.

I wanted to tell you about my own story of determination. Something that happened recently that got me thinking and I felt it worth sharing.

If you have been following this blog, you know I was in Orlando Florida last week attending the Martial Arts Industry Association’s (MAIA’s) Martial Arts Supershow. At the event, I got to meet Matt Hughes who is a 9 time UFC Welterweight champion and arguably the greatest fighter in UFC history. He also starred in the Spike TV hit show, ‘The Ultimate Fighter’.

Well, because I was a speaker at the Supershow this year, I was given a special opportunity to talk to him one on one. This was a great treat. Not only is he fantastic at what he does, he is a gentleman and an inspirational figure to many martial artists.

This picture shows myself and Mr. Zandri posing with Mr. Hughes (center) a couple years ago the first time we met him.

But what does this have to do with my own determination. Well I was going around the Supershow video taping people and wanted to do a short interview with him.

But then I thought about it and realized that he is just going to say no. I am sure he has other endorsements that probably prohibit him from doing a non paid interview. What was I doing? I was making excuses for myself to not ask him.

Because I pre-determined he would say “no” to me, my fear of rejection indicator started flashing and telling me not to bother. You know what a fear of rejection indicator is, right? We all have one. This is why most people never bother doing things. Because of a deep fear of the word “NO”.

But then I stopped myself. I had just been talking to Dr. Robyn Silverman, the developer of our Powerful Words system about the word of the month: Determination. And now here I was, giving up before I even tried and worse yet, making excuses for myself.

Have you ever done this? Have you ever seen your child do this? Well, here I am trying to teach it to others, so I realized I better walk the talk.

I started telling myself the absolute worst thing he could do is say no. It isn’t like he is going to pile drive me into the ground and make me tap out… I hope.

So I went up to him and asked. And guess what? He said ‘No’. But he didn’t pile drive me.  He actually very nicely and sincerely appologized and said it had to do with UFC contractual agreements. Just like I figured it would.

I sat and talked to him for a few moments.  He was quite gracious and courteous.  He gave me an autographed picture and shook my hand.  Despite hearing the word ‘No’, I still had a very pleasant time and left better than I entered the scenario.

So I did it and there was zero pain. No injury. No one pointing and laughing. Although, I do have to say as a martial artist, it would have been cool to be pile driven by Matt Hughes, I was not injured.  Go figure.

The moral of this story is, the word ‘No’ can’t hurt you. Determined people do not worry about the word ‘No’. Determined people take the word ‘No’ and continue along their path without hesitation. They realize you have to hear the word ‘No’ many times in order to hear the word ‘Yes’. Determined people do not let fear get in the way of any opportunity. This is why determination truly is the secret to success.


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