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Dr. Robyn Silverman reads a kids book -Try and Stick With It

Good morning readers! It is a beautiful day here in lovely Brookfield, Connecticut!!! It is Tuesday morning, week 3 of our summer camp here at Zandri’s Martial Arts. I am sitting here while the kids enjoy their morning workout with Mr. Zandri and Mr. Delfin.

This week is Movie Magic camp. The campers have been busily putting their scripts and props together. We will be filming tomorrow I believe. I am sure when we are done, the movie or some clips will make their way to Youtube.

Speaking of Youtube, Dr. Robyn, the creator of our Powerful Words Character Development system recorded this video for you to share with your younger kids. Here she reads a story about the word of the month for July, ‘Determination’.

Be warned, this video was specifically designed for kids ages 2 through 6. The older kids may find this a little… well… babyish. Just don’t make your 11 year old watch it 😉 But for the real young kids this is a great way to educate while entertaining.   We like to call that ‘Edutainment’.

The video is just about ten minutes long. She reads the story and even shows your kids the pictures. This is a really neat way to have story time with your child with a character development twist. She ties the word of the month in to reinforce what we here at Zandri’s Martial Arts, their teachers at school and you at home are trying to teach them every day.

I hope you enjoy the video. I will try to post more stuff as soon as I can. It has been really busy here. I have been requested to do off site talks on character development at several other camps and daycares so I will be visiting Danbury, New Milford, Newtown and I believe Bethel this week.

It is really awesome to see how these other places realize the tremendous value of teaching martial arts and character development skills to their students and clients. Karate, Taekwon-Do, Kung Fu, Judo, or any other martial art, when we tie in character development it truly becomes a powerful tool that can change the lives of the youngest child or oldest adult. Anyway… I will try and get back here to the blog when I have some down time again.


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