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Bridgewater Country Fair Still Wet But A Lot Of Fun

So it rained a little yesterday here at the Bridgewater Fair but not enough to keep the throngs of people away. If you have not yet made it to the 2008 Fair, do come. It is always a lot of fun.

We have had a lot of visitors to our booth. It is always a great pleasure when students come up to say hi. Here is a picture of Mr. Delfin and Mr. Macdonald hard at work at the booth yesterday.  (Did I say ‘Hard at work’?)

We also had a visitor we have not seen in quite some time. Former student Tim McGuire and his family stopped by. Here is a picture below. He had to stop training when his daughter was born. Wow!!! Look at her now!!!

The reason for this post today is I was inspired by a negative experience. One of the vendors nearby (I won’t mention which one to protect the innocent) has spent the better part of the weekend complaining about how bad he is doing. He keeps going on and on about how cheap people are and how he won’t come back next year, he is not making the same money as last year, and on and on. Everything is clouds and thunderstorms to this guy.

What do we call that at Zandri’s Martial Arts, readers? We call that ‘Stinkin Thinkin’. To quote a fantastic book ‘The Magic of Thinking Big’ by David Schwartz, “Those who believe they can move mountains, do. Those who believe they can’t, cannot. Belief triggers the power to do.”

These are wise words. Here this guy is and all he can think about is the economy is so bad and no one is buying. So he has already pre-determined he won’t participate next year. What if the economy is great next year? He has already set himself up for future failure.

We have two choices, we can focus on the bad things that are happening around us and to us or we can focus on the solution to those things. There are only those two choices. Which choice can create a better today and tomorrow? Dwell on the bad and get more bad.

As I sit here at the booth (yes I take my PC everywhere) I can hear him complaining to customers. No one wants to hear what is bothering you, least of all your customers. I guess I will have to tell him about the Powerful Word of the month: Generosity. Maybe Dr. Robyn can help him.

Enjoy the picnic today for those who are going. I hope to see you but I have a feeling I will be working. That really disappoints me because I look forward to spending time with you all. But I have to focus on what is good. And here at the fair I may meet someone who will benefit from what we do and enjoy next years picnic on account of me being here. And changing someone’s life is what it is all about. Have a fantastic day!!!


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