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Zandri’s Martial Arts Reports From The Democratic National Convention in Denver

Ok, well not exactly. But we do have an official roving reporter on the ground at the convention. My Aunt and Uncle live in Littleton Colorado. They have been rubbing elbows with democrats and republicans since Monday night. This Thursday they will be among the 70k people who will listen to Barak Obama’s speech live at Invesco Field field.

Here is my Aunt Laurie Brooks’ Convention Update:
This is truly an exciting place to be this week. Sunday night we went to a cocktail party for 1,800 at the Denver Art Museum. We were greeted by a phalanx of police in full riot gear. Chilling. Inside were all the usual Denver suspects, plus delegates and various PACs-identifiable by all the credentials around their necks.

I had a great time with 2 delegates from New York – one from Queens and one from Yonkers. They were so excited that I had lived in Yonkers. Meanwhile we were talking to Joey Pants – Ralphie from “The Sopranos”. He’s very nice but a bit hyper.

On the way out we talked to the Riot police. They told us that a group of protesters had come to the museum an hour before the start of the party and announced that they were planning to storm the entrance and disrupt the party. The police appreciated the heads up and rerouted the entry. Even the protesters are polite out here.

Today, Tuesday, Paul is spending the afternoon with Rudy Giuliani. One of Paul’s “mentors “, Larry Mizel , asked him to escort him to an Event. Here’s the catch. Once a year Larry organizes a group called the Denver Rustlers and they all dress up as cowboys and go down to the State Fair after a luncheon. It’s today. So Paul and one other man are now downtown dressed in cowboy boots, jeans, belts with big buckles, cowboy shirts, bolas and cowboy hats escorting Rudy around.

We are going back downtown for a small Event tomorrow at lunch time. Then I want to walk around and see what’s going on. We passed muster and got our credentials for Thursday night. Good to know we are not considered Security Risks.

I will keep you updated as our roving reporter out west updates us…


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