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Democratic National Convention Live Coverage (From Last Week)

Zandri’s Martial Arts special Democratic National Convention Senior Corespondent Laurie Brooks is back with her wrap up report from the convention in Denver. In her defense, she sent me this last week. However, we have been really busy getting for our upcoming seminar; Goal Setting for Better Grades, and the Back to School Making Friends Party. Sorry this is late.

And just as a side note: If anyone has a relative at the Republican convention, in the interest of bipartisan relations, I will gladly post their report here as well.

So here it is, My Aunt Laurie Brooks’ report and pictures from the convention in Denver last week:

We left the house at 1:15 to catch Light Rail at 1:48 near County Line( near Inverness). The trains ALWAYS run on time. By 2 we knew there was a problem and it was confirmed by the armed police at the station. A bomb threat had been called in on the E Line that would have taken us directly to the Stadium. We were herded onto a different train that had filled up at the 1st stop. We were the second. What should have been a 40 minute ride took over 1 1/2 hours and to top it off the trains were no longer allowed to go as far as the Stadium. When hundreds of us got off there was no one to direct us. 2 Security guards were the only people we could ask and they gave out conflicting information. we joined the crowds walking and began a 2 mile walk.
The scene when we arrived into the parking lots(off limits to cars) left us speechless. Tens of thousands of people in stalled lines that snaked around and around and around. CNN and CBS estimated them to be between 2 & 6 miles long. The worst part was that no one knew where the end of the line was. There were no police or authorities of any kind except on the street side perimeter.
We talked to them and they were frustrated because the Secret Service had complete control of this event and chose NOT to work with local authorities. Paul made phone calls to everybody he could think of and the Mayor’s Office and the DNC confirmed that they were as frustrated as the rest of us. So were the Obama campaign officials who I over heard on their cell phones frantically asking for something to be done.

We spent 3 hours in that line. For 2 1/2 hours we made little progress and did not know if we were in a real line. Hundreds of people spent time in lines that went only in circles. Between 5:30 and 6 the police from many districts arrived and formed lines and passed out water. When we started to move we moved fast, but the lines formed so many corners that it still took over 30 minutes before we reached the security tent and screening that was the same as at an airport.
We ran from there into the Stadium and up the escalators to the top level. Anyone who knows us knows that we have NEVER sat up where the eagles dare!! We admit it – we’re spoiled. And frankly there were many moments in that hot crowded parking lot when we considered leaving and going home to watch it on TV. Many people did. But this was a once in a lifetime Event and the people around us all provided support to each other.

Stevie Wonder was singing as we managed to find 2 seats and finally sit down after nearly 6 hours of standing and walking. Paul and I were exhausted, hot, and hungry. But we had made it. There were 2 flags by our seats. And the setting was beautiful. Our compensation for being so high up were the views that encompassed the tiny stage and little people down below out to the city skyline and views far East and South. It felt as though we were part of something so very big and out of the ordinary.
I listened to the speeches of Al Gore and Susan Eisenhower and a 5 Star General and others. They all kept my attention which is pretty good because I hate listening to speeches. Paul’s focus was on taking pictures. When day passed into night the stadium was just wonderful. It was an awesome scene. With our binoculars we could make out Michelle Obama and the Bidens.
When Barack Obama came out it was amazing. I had not been swayed by Obama before this but his hopes and energy and intelligence shone so bright. And the enthusiasm of 80,000 people was palpable. I genuinely liked his speech. Our interest never flagged. I am trying to be as nonpartisan as possible but it’s hard. We are converted and hopeful for the future. Especially since so many younger people are involved and engaged in this election.
The trip home was uneventful. We left as the fireworks went off and after only a 1/2 trek made it onto the Light Rail. We had spoken with sheriffs when they had finally shown up and they confirmed that the bomb threat had been resolved. So we made it home from the stadium in only 1 hour. The ride was actually fun as we swapped stories and laughed with other riders. Everyone agreed that it was all worth it to be at such a historical event.
It was a wonderful week. From the Sunday cocktail party to the luncheon on Wednesday ,walking around town to Thursday’s finale – very special. What I took away was the feeling that for a few days we had been part of something so much bigger than us. We talked to so many people from all over the country, listened to all different points of view.
At the luncheon we learned that the biggest Republican in the state (and one of the biggest in the US) did fundraising and lots more to help make the week happen. It was a great example of nonpartisan cooperation. We heard things that were scary and also hopeful. It was a privilege to be a part of such a historic occasion.
And if either Convention comes to your home towns – GO

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