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Martial Arts Training Saves Prison Gaurd’s Life

I wanted to share this story that comes from a friend of mine who runs a martial arts school in Oklahoma. This is a fantastic story about how the martial arts really truly does save lives.

Here is the email as it was sent to me:

I just had one of my senior Brown Belts, Trey Foster, who is waiting to take his black belt test come by to see me. I almost did not recognize him. He is a jailer in Custer County Oklahoma at night working his way through college here at Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

Yesterday morning one of the inmates threw a quarter cup of bleach in his eyes and attacked him with a shank. Trey fought with him for 6 and a half minutes trying to save his own life and keep the inmate from getting the keys that fell from his pocket.

Trey said he had to come by and thank me for saving his life. He said that if it were not for the things we teach and make them do he would be dead. He has a number of staples in the top of his head. You cannot see in the photo where the shank got him.

He used a full lock to get the keys back and was able to throw the keys out of the cell stopping a possible escape.


One Response

  1. Wow that is a heck of a story! I hope Trey is recovering well, and congrats to him for successful use of his training.

    He is a credit to the arts!

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