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October Powerful Word of the Month for Parents

As we are more than half way through October, I wanted to share some thoughts with you on the word of the month.  In October, the kids have been learning about ‘Responsibility’.  I thought it might be neat to talk about this word from an adults perspective.

We have many parents who comment on how much they themselves get from hearing the word of the month in class.  So I am actually going to do a ‘Mat Chat’ for you right here in the blog.  But I am going to do this for adults.

The goal of this post is to get some good conversation going.  Please post your thoughts to the blog by hitting the comment button.

Responsibility is doing what is required of us and what we committed to do– or as we’re teaching the youngest kids; responsibility means “I’m the one who gets things done.” Responsibility is easily pushed off to others– but we don’t really make progress and reach the peek of our own success until we take ownership of our actions, mistakes, and choices.

As Winston Churchill once said; “The price of greatness is responsibility.” We want to be great– be our best– but that takes responsibility.

We have been talking in classes about being responsible with our work and our requirements at home or in other areas of our lives.  Whether at work or in school, we all have jobs and requirements we must fulfill.  It’s our responsibility to fulfill them.

However, it’s common for people to simply do the bare minimum.  Many will do what is absolutely necessary but refuse to go beyond.  They simply don’t see “going above and beyond” as their job even if it’s clear that something must be done.  Someone once said, “I must do something” always solves more problems than “Something must be done.”

How can an attitude of “I must do something” change how someone is perceived by others at school or at work?  How can such as attitude change the outcomes at school or at work?

For those of you who are over achievers, I have a Powerful Thought Assignment for you.  I want you to rate
yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 on your natural tendency to be responsible at school or at work and
go above and beyond.   What would make your rating just one point higher?

Let me know through commenting here how you did.


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