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Halloween Safety Tips from Zandri’s Martial Arts

One of our top concerns at Zandri’s Martial Arts is about the youth of our community.  Especially during Halloween.  As part of our community outreach program, we have printed Halloween Safety Tips.   Our goal is to get one of these in every child’s hands before Halloween.

We are so passionate about getting these safety tips to people, that we also put a huge dollar value on these.  On the back side of the card is an offer for one free month of martial arts.

These passes are available to any person who wants one. If you are not currently a member at Zandri’s Martial Arts, make sure to request one before it is too late.

If you are a member, grab as many as you would like and please give them out to your friends and neighbors. They make great treats to go along with candy.  We have a lot of these passes so feel free to take as many as you can carry.

Powerful Words creator and child development expert Dr. Robyn Silverman just wrote an awesome article about Halloween Safety.  I highly recommend you check out her 10 tips to Halloween Safety.  These go right along with what we continue to advocate.

Click here to go to Dr. Robyn’s Blog


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