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Great Tips On Teaching Kids Confidence From Zandri’s Martial Arts

Studies show that most kids enter grade school with a very high level of self esteem.  Unfortunately, most kids end up leaving high school with very low self esteem.

This month at Zandri’s Martial Arts, we’re teaching lessons specifically on how to develop high self worth and confident.  We’ve got some fantastic tools for you to support this months lessons.

The Parent’s Perch is available at the front desk.  This will explain just how we’re going to teach this really powerful word.

Of course, Dr. Robyn created an awesome curriculum that we’ll be following.  All the ‘Mat Chats’ this month will focus on confidence.

Martial arts has always been incredibly helpful in building confidence.  Our unique stripe, belt and star reward system creates challenging yet achievable goals for children and adults.  These range from very short term goals to much longer ones.

Combine this with an environment that focuses on positivity, what they did right and how they can get even better, confidence soars.

If you’re not currently a member of Zandri’s Martial Arts, make sure to request our free character kit by entering your name and address below.   We’ll rush you copies of this month’s material as well as ‘The ABC’s of Parenting’ report and ‘Powerful Parenting Secrets’ audio cd.

Click here to request your free reports and audio cd.

Please enjoy these free videos provided by Dr. Robyn herself on how to help boost your child’s confidence.   There are two videos below.  Each is just under 5 minutes and both our power packed with great info.

Part 1

Part 2


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